Astrology is about

Astrology is about

Signup to win a chance of online horoscope reading.

Signup to win a chance of online horoscope reading.

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Speak to Astrologer is place to connect astrologer directly & get quick response to your questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question in the following list.

When do I pay ?
We have free and paid services. by filling birth details you will get a chance to win it. Once you paid you telephonic session will blocked.
Why should I pay for a reading ?
We pay money to astrologers as well to maintain quality infrastructure. So we have to charge a fees from users.
How much time does this take ?
Once you have successfully placed an order, The average question is answered within 10-12 hours. If load is high will take 7 days.
What kind of questions can I ask ?
Please be as specific as possible. Include all details – however mundane. Please avoid questions that are unclear or overly broad. Please avoid multiple questions in a single order. Please take care to check all details – especially birth date, birth time (am or pm) and location.
I clicked on the pay button but am unable to make a payment.
Please try again later. Sometimes astrologers are editing the answers so the payment gets disabled. At other times there are errors in the email / phone no. Sometimes the payment processor is down. If the error persists, please contact us.
I successfully made a payment but still can’t read the answer.
Please be patient. There are times when the payment processor does not inform the website about the payment. We will look into it and fix the issue in a couple of hours. Please feel free to contact us.
Can I edit/update the question after submitted it ?
Yes you can update it by contacting us. If the astrologer has answered the question already, you cannot make any edits. In some cases when the astrologer needs more information, you will be allowed to edit the question by clicking on the “Edit question” button.
Are my payment details secure ?
We use Payumoney for our payment processing. Payumoney is trusted by 200,000 merchants and millions of users. While making a payment, you are transferred to the Payumoney site where the processing takes place. Speak2Astrologer (or Payumoney) never stores any financial details (card no, netbanking etc) on our servers. Your payment details are very safe.
I do not have a credit card / bank account. How do I pay ?

If you are unwilling or unable to pay, you can try to win a FREE reading.

Just click on chat icon. You can speak 2 astrologer directly.

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